Saturday, August 2, 2008

August already??

It's! Time flies when you're having fun lol.... Soon fall will be upon us.....the leaves will fall from the trees....flocks of geese will fill the skies with their V formations.....the sounds of combines will fill the air........but for now... it's still heat indexes of 110 and humidity and mosquitos lol.

This week blogspot shut down my blog for 2 days.... seems their automatic spam find thought my dancing santa might be spam......but it's back now. I had visions of everything be gone and having to start from scratch but it came back just fine.

This weekends project is a last minute birthday quilt....due monday... I'm making a simple flannel fringe quilt.... dark blue stripes on one side and light blue stripes on the other.... I cut over a hundred squares of each stripe and the same amount of batting on friday evening..... I got them all sandwiched yesterday and have the X quilting done on 3 rows of blocks......I think I'll sew those three rows together when I get back to the machine.

Have company coming today for a small get together so when I get off here... I'll be cooking and vacumming and get ready to party a bit..... then tomorrow I hope to finish up the quilt. I have a present for this person already......but I thought a nice lap throw would be nice too.... he's very difficult to do things for!

This week I did a Frog Pillow. I used the frog from the baby quilt I did came out quite cute!! I have a journal cover request also that I need to do soon... it's for a lady at work who's daughters family is getting an exchange student. We decided on a journal for her to chronicle her visit in the US. I also got several things prepared for sewing so this week will hopefully be a good sewing week. I'll only have one or two pictures for flickr this week... but I promise to make up for it in the next couple weeks........

Have a great week!!


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