Sunday, September 20, 2009


The final piece of the summer scrap bag project is finished. I finished up the Crazy Bird Wall Hanging this week and it's now with the other waiting to be quilted and bound. I'm hoping to have them done by the end of October.

I still have an enormous amount of scraps......... the three quilts only used up about 1/2 of one of the bags ..... so as I sit here, watching the leaves falling from the trees outside my window...I've decided to keep up this project as the Winter Scrap Bag Project.

My hope is to go thru the bags and separate the large pieces from the smaller ones.... and separate them by color also.... but then I think.... that's really time I could be using to make blocks.... so I doubt it will happen unless I do it as I go along........

I'm looking for one or two more scrap block patterns to use for the next two quilts... they will be the throw size, that I like to make. I really enjoy snuggling up in the chair or on the sofa with a quilt.

I'm posting the picture of the crazy bird below. It turned into a wall hanging because there was no more of the dark background in the scrap bag........ I used up every sliver that I had in there of browns and blacks........... I think it will look just fine!

Have a great week!!


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