Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Welcome to all
This little blog will hopefully show what I've been doing in my ** spare ** time (lol)

There will be some Machine Embroidery....I also teach a monthly embroidery club...there will be some quilting....and some goodies from the monthly Thimbleberries Club. You can watch the Club2007 quilt come to life! There will be some sewing and some knitting too!

I welcome your comments and kind criticisms....



Karen Bolinger said...

I like what you've done - it's cool. Love the table runner below the heart placemat and the book covers.

"Farm Girl" said...

I like the notebook cover and the table runner above it! Awesome job. This is so cool. Although, you know you'll still have to bring them in to work every once in a while. ;O)