Sunday, April 8, 2007

Catchup Week

I know I know ... I missed updating last week... sorry... Life got in the way a bit. But I have been busy.

The black/gold sig quilt has all but one signature... I'll get that Monday hopefully and then put it all together.

I did another set of LazyGirl Pouches and another LazyGirl Runaround Bag...both were cut...sewn and all done in under two hours total! Geeze I love these things.

I also did a Wallet Purse... really nice.... sort of easy to sew...there were one or two parts that really sucked...the seams were extra heavy due to all the card pouches... I may try to redo that part if I make another one.

I finished up 2 UFO Rollups...and thought up another use for them... I plan to make another out of some cool coffee shop fabrics I have.... I'll fill it with coffee bags, and sweetner and creamer and have a cool gift for my coffee drinkin' friends...and probably for me too. I'll stick it in the computer bag when I travel.......

I did some work for some customers of mine this week also....

I have 2 ties, a table runner on the UFO pile....that's all!!!! Yippeeeee!! I have a Lazy Girl Towne Purse started and I have all the squares done for the crib quilt..... those are WIPs lol I hope to get that stuff done this week also.

Thimbleberries club is on there will be new homework from that...and yesterday was Saturday Sampler Day... so there are two new blocks that need to be done.........

The SRP is coming along..... I've made most of the goodies from stuff I already have so the stash has dwindled a bit....not much...but a bit.... it's gonna take a lot of projects to dwindle this stash! lol

I have some bolts of fabric that I think will be sold on ebay......or at a garage sale.... it's stuff I'm sure I won't use.... I'll keep a yard and get rid of the rest.... that will help me meet my goal for sure.

The photos for this week are out on in the April 1-8 album.

Guess that's it for now

Til next week

Happy Whatever!!


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