Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th

Dontcha just love it when you discover new things? Well I was doing some research on the Cotton Theory way of quilting for a class I'm teaching next month and I discovered a small blurb about reversible binding.... two different bindings... put on at the same time....

The cotton theory is a quilt first...assemble last way of quilting.... when you are done putting your pieces together... you are done with your quilt.... just add the binding......

I found the reversible binding on the all people quilt web site... I believe the article is apc202. It's not a difficult just need to be accurate.....and I was just amazed at the way it worked out! Below is a picture of the placemat showing the reversible binding.... below that is a table runner that I just finished up for a friend at work.... it's for her mom's birthday. It just needs to have it's binding tacked down.

ONe side of the placemat is green watermelon fabric... the other side is 2 assorted watermelon prints.... the front of the mat has the green binding and the back shows the watermelon print.... just to awesome!!!
Guess that's it for this week.... I'll be gone next weekend so I'll try to update the blog before I leave on friday..... if not.... it'll be monday.
I'm working on a xmas table runner using a charm I hope to finish that this week....and I also hope to get some yoyo ornaments put together for the xmas box.
Have a great week!

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