Sunday, December 16, 2007

The last of 2007

There's just one more working weekend left til Christmas......and I don't need it!!! I'm all done with Christmas 2007 and I even had time to make a CarrotSticks table runner for a class I'll be doing next March!!

I can spend next week baking, decorating, and just slackin' back and doing absolutely nuthin'!!!

For those who want to join in next years 25 weeks of christmas... we'll be starting on July 5th.

I've posted the last 3 pictures of 2007 at A Miranda College bag, the carrot sticks runner and finally a picture of my Buddy, Rowdy. I'll start again in February. I take the month of January to clean up the sewing pit.... organize my stuff, take stock of what I need...notions, interfacing, etc and also make a note of what I have way to much of so I can start using that up first. It also gives my creative juices a chance to build and as I see things or think of things I'd like to do, I make a note. My sewing and embroidery machines will go for their yearly checkups and I will step back and admire my clean and neat sewing room...cuz I know that in a mere few weeks it will once again turn into the sewing pit from hell!!

My main theme for 2008 is the Year of Less. I want to lose some poundage, I want to spend less time on the computer and more time outdoors, I want to spend less at the Quilt Shops and use up more of what I've stashed away.... I want to spend less time texting, and more time actually talking with friends.......I want to spend just as much time dreaming...but more time making those dreams realities.....

Some of my creative goals are to learn to paperpiece......make a Mariners' Compass wall hanging...learn to knit socks......and finish up all my UFO's, PIGS, and WHIMMS!!

The fat quarter challenge will continue...... send me your pictures and I'll post them in the challenge folder.... the idea is to make what you can out of just ONE fat quarter. You can see what's there already on the photo site.

I've already started my list of things to do for 2008 and I'm sure it will grow longer before January even gets here!

To all of my knitting, sewing, crafting, stashbusting and Lazy friends... I wish you all a safe and Happy holiday season....... Merry Christmas to all .... and a Happy, Lazy, Creative New Year

Lish, Ticker and Rowdy

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