Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Darned Groundhog!

Well Punxatawney Phil says 6 more weeks of this crap! The Indiana groundhog... Chuckie Wheezer agreed.......(sigh)and to top it off...it's snowing again! The spring equinox is ummmmm let's see....... 6 weeks away! So I guess that about does it... 6 more weeks of crap!

My pileated woodpecker is still coming and going but the male just won't let me get his picture! Just like a man.... playing hard to get! lolololol

I have dozens of cardinals and bluejays and squirrels hitting up the corn pile that hubby puts out for them.....

I've been sewing and crafting and even made a quilt for ME!!! The top is finished and it needs to be batted, backed and quilted... that will be this coming weekend's project.... there are pictures on the photo site

There just isnt' much else going on in Indiana right now.... cold...snow...and crap!

I added a Moon calendar to the fun stuff on the sidebar. Just something that I thought might be fun to look at and there are many times that for one reason or another I need to know what the moon is doing..........now I can just come here and look! And I hope you will to!

Til next time


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