Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010

Well the first full week of January is now over..... I worked on the Clean the Sewing Room goal...seems the more I try to organize the worse it gets... lol... I do have one spot now that is nice and organized so that's a start!!

I found 2 3 drawer cabinet things on wheels at Menards yesterday... they were on sale for 8.99 each! These will be used for sorting the scraps... by color probably with one drawer for novelty/holiday/etc. so that goal is started!

I managed to knit 2 whole rows on double pointed needles... hmmmmmmm this will take some getting used to... but in the mean time I started a sock using the magic loop method.... I think I can handle this method better than the dpns's but I still plan on learning to use those lil things!!

I used up some stash and some scraps over the last nine days.... I cut 4 pillowcases... made 4 sock sacks...3 pincushions....12 tissue packet covers...January BOM from block central...this is made from stash... completed a second BOM for January for a 1930's repro quilt from the local quilt shop and there will be a third BOM... called Barns...that will use stash. I completed all of my January swaps and used 2 large kitchen towels from the stash to make a childs apron and potholder for a nephews birthday present. It will get a small wooden spoon and a package of chocolate chip muffin mix added to it.

I did make a purchase at Joann's yesterday... I bought two rolls of batting for the UFO baby quilts that will get sandwiched today and quilted up during this week...... hopefully I'll be at the binding stage by next weekend on all three. that total purchase was 26.00.

I;ve posted pictures of the goodies for this year on flickr .

I have bread rising right now and I plan on getting those baby quilts sandwiched up before evening.........

Tonites project will be to work on that ML sock and maybe put a few rows on the first dishcloth of 2010 too!

For right now... I think that's it!!! I'm ready for the snow to melt and the warm to come so I can sew on the deck!

Take care


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