Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scrap busting Olympics

This week was not much of a sewing week........ it was, however, a Scrap Busting Olympics! For some reason my scrap bag #1 just got the best of me and I spent most of the week watching the olympics and cutting and organizing scraps....... I made 32 more scrap diddly blocks...that gives me a total of 65 scrap blocks now....that's enough for TWO throw size scrap quilts!! That's 2/3rds of my scrap quilt goal for the year!! I may have to increase that but for now... this is GOOD!! My XXXL zip lock bag is now down to about 1/4 full...... my scraps that were not used for the scrap blocks are organized by color in shoebox size plastic containers...... all of the containers at this point are pretty well full.... these will be used for paper piecing projects and small quilt blocks.......the scraps that are left from these scraps will go in a bag and then make their way to the local animal shelter where they will be used in pillows and mats for the animals that reside there... this is a no kill shelter so some of the residents are there for quite awhile before they are adopted. I recently sent 4 big bags of scraps down to them.

I did make 2 burpers and 6 pee pee tee pee's for the box..... I have several babies coming and dont' know if they are boys or I'll be making a few sets of tee pees and a number of burpers to bust the flannel stash. One of the UFO baby quilts is 2/3 done with it's binding.... about an hour or so and it will be completed! The boy quilt has it's binding on and is next on the wob list. so bring on the babies!! I'll be ready!

I also embroidered and made a table runner...... this will be a club project for March so this runner is my sample... it will then become part of my personal table runner collection... I love placemats and table runners of all sorts!!

Block 6 ( I think) of Crea8tive Quilters Barn Quilts of Wisconsin has been completed also. That pic will be posted below as well as the burps and teepee's...... the rest can be seen on the flickr site......

I've been knitting a few rows each nite on the scarf while watching the olympics so that's coming along also.... about 8" long at the moment.... so quite a ways to go.

Thats it for this week...... Happy Sewing


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