Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

I look for three things to signal spring in Indiana... the first is the robins... but I can't use that this year cuz the little buggers never left! They were out and about in January!! The second thing is my pileated woodpeckers... I have a pair that swing by every spring... hang around for a few weeks then move on... they come back again the fall... I saw the male on my woodie feeder on Friday!!! I heard the female out in the trees calling ... I'm so excited! I just love these birds... they are very large and absolutely gorgeous! The third sign is the warm rains that soften the earth...well we had major rains this past week... and saturday the earthworms were out and about!! That means the ground is soft and warm... wooo hooo!!!!

I spent this week working on this and that and the other thing mostly... I have a baby quilt for a shower gift sandwiched and 1/2 way tied... I added a number of rows to the scarf and found a cute pattern for fingertip washcloths... I knitted 3 of these this week... they only took about 2 hours and they are quite cute! I think they would be great for little ones as their whole hand would fit inside... maybe I'll make some in primary colors and add some soap sticks for their christmas stockings!

I finished up my blocks for this month... sentimental journey is done... the barn block is done and the wisconsin block of the week is done..... I also ventured into the world of triad I made a table topper using batiks!! It came out quite nice...even though I hate working with batiks.. they feel funny! lol

I also have 3/4 of a spring purse done.. trying a pattern from a company I haven't used before for bags.... it's looking pretty nice and the instructions are very well written....... Lazy Girl Designs is due out with a new bag in April so I'm sure I'll make that one to go with it...I always carry a bag and a tote for work.....

I hope this week to finish up the bag and the baby quilt...... I have some strata left from the table topper that might work out well for a wonder wallet or two... might take a bit of tweaking and twisting but I think I can make it work.....

Guess that's it for now

See you next time

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