Thursday, June 30, 2011

I really am here!!

It's been a busy...and somewhat stressful 2 weeks........ some family medical issues had my mind all boggled and not focused... but that's working itself out and the brain is coming back to the fold! lol

I have done a few things.... some new Happy Holidays Mats.... I love this mat... it's an Atkinson Design and comes in three sizes and can easily be made into a tree skirt!

My bitty blocks for July are done.... the ones for August are started...and my swap is ready for mailing!! Of course I have 2 new swaps starting this weekend... lol

I haven't done much knitting or other sewing over the last two weeks, so I have a LOT to get caught up on. Going on a mini vacay this weekend with the hubster... going to do a Lake Michigan Lighthouse Tour.......and then starting monday it'll be back to my normal sewing schedule and time to start on Christmas Goodies.... there's just over 26 weeks left til Christmas... so make a note and get started!!

I'll post pics when I get back on monday and thru next week as I complete the many started projects that are laying all over my sewing room... I hate it when I can't stay focused... I do believe that's how UFO's are born! So I need to get them all completed...including the UFO I started but didn't finish ( that'll be #14 for the year) I'm behind on my dishcloths now too.... just one... but July is almost here to techinically I'll be down 3. Perhaps while riding in the truck this weekend I can get at least the second June cloth done..........

I just wanted to check in......first part of getting refocused!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!!!


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