Monday, April 23, 2012

back to basics!

Whew! All of the * gotta do for others * stuff is done! I did two vests.. lined...and two bow ties for twin 10 month olds for a wedding.... I forgot how much I enjoyed garment sewing...but these were little! They are so cute though...and pics will be going up on flickr a bit later today.

I got all of the blocks cut now for the Subway Quilt... what a job that was!! I hope to get to sewing up a block or two this week

Tomorrow nite is embroidery club and I have 12 blocks done of the Christmas Quilt we are doing. It's Lunch box quilts... machine appliqued...not sure yet if I'll make the big quilt for me or make 3 or 4 smaller ones for christmas gifts.........but I've that's good. We're shooting for an october/november finish and that equates to about 20 blocks or so a month plus assembly time. I think a sew day or two this summer will be quite helpful

I joined Quilt Guild last week. It seems to be a fun group.......and they have lots of fun stuff coming up.... Eleanor Burns sister in June.... Auction in May.... Sulky workshop in July.... yep... I think I might like this.........

Didn't get anything done on the snowman wall hanging on the WOB pile... it's still there...all by itself.......but maybe this week....... the hubster might have to help plant plots in Ohio so that means some extra time in the sewing pit! wooohooo!!!

The doctor visit was good!! Cholestrol is down....... BP is holding it's own.... blood glucose levels are normal and all is well with the world! lol

Thats about it for now... hope to have more progress to show you soon!

Happy Sewing


Ruthie said...

I'm glad you decided to join guild! Welcome!

Lish said...

Thank you Ruthie!! It's gonna be fun! I just know it!