Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been a long busy month

The past month has been busy in so many ways!! I managed to get two inflamed tendons in my foot... wow! talk about hurt! geeeze.... the foot guy taped it for a week and when that didn't work I got a boot brace... two weeks and lots of ibprofen later i can now walk without the brace.... it still twinges a bit... but it's sooooooo much better now! I finished my 6 weeks of six sigma training and got my certificate of training!!! That frees up some time now.... since I don't need to spend as much time studying... I still have to complete my project to receive my Green Belt... but I can work on that at my own pace now.... I have til the end of september to complete it and that should give me plenty of time....... The kitchen window quilt is still on the wob pile but it's halfway done... I took it along to quilt guild the other nite and worked on it there....... the feed sack quilt...3 skinny mini runners and a table runner are on the wob pile... my plan is to take them along with me on vacay next week and work on them in the truck as we drive from here to there and back again.......... we'll see how that goes....... not alot else has been done in the sewing pit.... I finished up the large Zakka nesting box.... it's ok... i don't particularly care for the way she does some of her construction... but i'll make the other two boxes as she suggests.... I have my quilting book club summer project started... it's an applique lighthouse wall hanging... I have the fusing next is the applique and then putting it together.... the summer mug rug is on it's way to my partner and the mini magnets for the RATZ swap are somewhere in the postal system.......... the weather has been really hot with just a teaser of rain here and there....the crops are sooooo dry... my lawn looks like a desert..... all of the pics are out on flickr.... i'll be posting vacay pics also... we're going on a lighthouse tour in wisconsin so it should be lots of fun!! for now... that's it stay cool and happy crafting Lish

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