Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Wrap Up

Hard to believe January is just about gone.... it's also hard to believe that two days ago the temperature was 60 and this morning.... just 48 hours later it's 16!! What's with that? .... gotta love Indiana weather lol Two more UFO's bit the dust last week.... my Halloween Table mat is now on the WOB pile and a small christmas mat that was folded up inside the halloween mat is on the WOB pile also......... so that's 4 UFO's for January!! I dug out my white scarf knitting project's about 1/2 way done so the plan is to get it finished in february.... I also need to make bindings for 4 quilts that are on the UFO pile.... I'm trying to make the bindings as I finish the quilt top so I have it when I need it........... that will also prevent me from using that fabric for something else! I saw a tiny little case for the interchangeable knitting needles.... 25.00?? I think not....... so with a picture and some dimensions I whipped one up last nite... it's perfect! lol Pics are on flickr......... Both of my swaps that are for february/march mailing are done!!! I'll get them boxed up and off to the post office next week. One is just two states away so that will go quickly..the other is going to the I'm guessing about a week or so for that one... but who knows these days with the postal system! Pics of both the fabric bucket and the friendship bag are on flickr.......... The hubster and I are going away for a short weekend vacay so I won't see the sewing pit much this weekend.... but since everything is pretty much under control.... it's ok!! When I get back I'll pull out two UFO's to work on for February...and cut some pieces for my office wall runner... I've finally decided on a block pattern! I think it will be really nice! There really isn't much else going on right now......... I'm sure things will pick up as the months go by and I find more things that I just have to make! lol I plan on keeping with the ** finish it up** goal this year to eliminate more ufo's being added to the pile......... so hopefully that will work out just fine....... So til next time!! Happy Sewing

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