Monday, February 28, 2011

Read the Caution Labels!!!!!!

Ok... so when the package of the new titanium blade rotary cutter says Caution... blade is sharp.... BELIEVE IT!!!!

The first cut I made with my new rotary cutter was to my thumb! (sigh) not sure how it happened... but the darn thing just jumped right out of my hand and landed on my other thumb........... but I will say... it's a very nice, thin, even cut!

A couple bandaids later I was ready to get back to my projects! I made a variation of a turning twenty quilt... first it was a turning 12 cuz I used 12 fat quarters instead of 20... and I did a light/dark combo and did the twisted 20 ( 12). You sew your blocks a and b together and cut them apart to make blocks that are half dark and half light... they were laid out in a furrow type of pattern.... I think my darkest dark was too dark... probably shoulda used another blue ...but I think it'll be fine.... reduced the stash by 12 fat quarters and I'll have a nice summer throw for my TV chair....... my flannel star throw is needing some repairs so I'll replace it with the new one when I get it quilted.

Also finished another UFO.... that's #10 I think for the year so far.... it's a wedding ring table mat from a class I taught about 1 1/2 years ago....... the matching runner is backed and batted and ready for quilting so hopefully this week that will get done.

My WOB pile is growing by leaps and bounds!!

Oh....I did have a bit of a buying relapse this week.... My LQS got a cute little line in that's Party!! It's white and has hats and cupcakes and cute party stuff... so I added 6 fat quarters to the stash.... cuz I have no idea what i'll do with these yet...... maybe a table set.... mat and napkins for those special party days... that would be fun!! That was the first added to the stash this I think that's pretty good.......and if I sew'em up soon.... it'll almost be like they were never there! lol

The Colts Super Scarf is getting down to the final inches.... about 15 more to go and I can wrap it up and get on with my other knitting.... I have 6 dishcloths done toward my goal so by the end of March I need to be doing those again....and I need to complete the white scarf which is now a UFO since it's been started for about a year or so now and been in the same state for about 8 months........

My March swaps are ready for mailing and those will go out the end of this week.... that will put me on a good track for more UFO's and maybe even a christmas project or two!

This weekend will be lost to the Big Ten Women's Basketball Tourney.... I'll be gone all weekend... or as long as my team wins....... maybe some binding can get done in the hotel room in the evenings.....

the pics are all posted out on flickr...theres a birthday bib out there too... the design was free from embroidery library and is still free for today yet if you like it and want it.......

Have a wonderful week!


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Joanne Lendaro said...

OUCH!! I saw this on FB and was going to say something but OUCH!!

hahaha!! My Turning 20 quilt was a twisted 20 BEFORE there was a Twisted 20. I can't do random...

Congrats on teh finishes!! That's big news!!