Sunday, March 30, 2014

March has somehow disappeared from my calendar

It's march!  Actually it's only march for one more day... Time is flying by way too quickly.  Hubby is progressing...slowly.  He's doing much better and becoming a bit more mobile.  April he gets the screws out and will work on using just the walker.  After that heals we will work on using just the boot and by the middle of May we should be walking pretty much normal again.  Yay

I've been getting about two hours or so a week in the sewing pit.   Not much time for sure but I try to make the most of it.  I'm pretty far behind on my farmers wife blocks but once I get my April guild row by row done I can concentrate on getting those all caught up.  I have bitty blocks due the end of May so I'm in pretty good shape right now.  I'll have the entire month of April to get caught up

I have two projects for work that need done also.   A wall hanging for a very large blank wall and a curtain for a cabinet to hide our cooking supplies....

On the needles right now is a sweater. That's coming along ok right now.  I try to do two rows each nite...and hope to be at the next step by April 20th. It's a cuff to cuff sweater.   I also have to finish my flap mitts.  I Hal
Be one flap and two thumbs to complete on those and That's
 the first of what I plan to have for next winter.  I need some boot cuffs and leg warmers if next winter is anything like this past winter was

I'll be posting some pics tonite on flickr so check it out if you get a chance

Til next time

Happy scrapping


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